Are you lost?

Marrakech – what a city!

The place to be in the Orient and  a very pleasant but busy touristic site, I cannot say that it will be my best favorite and it is really far away from the shouting: „This is a very trendy and hip scene and hotspot!“ But okay, I am fine with it. I don’t understand too much that this desert melting pott is called the cultural hotspot in this country, but of course, it is a matter of taste. I prefer the ocean. It is a rich land with a wide variety of opportunities, desert and mountains, chillout at the sea, green oasis places and a very nervous oriental mentality… you should get used to this if you have one week to stay. Enjoy my pictures and take a deep dive into all the adventurous stories of Scheherazade and a wild Sultan… (actually this storytelling seductive lady belongs to the Middle-East or Persian Gulf region, but this doen’t matter too much) Go for a sundowner in the „Red-City“ to a Riad-rooftop-bar with Bill Gates, Brad Pitt and other Hollywood and european celebrities, follow the „Blue House Garden“ from Frenchman Yves Saint Laurent and get some fresh mint-tea! However, you might fall in love with this special oriental light, atmosphere and charming chaos. By the way, french language will make life easier for you.


The old Berber looks majestical to the travellers of the main railway station… and the radio masts are nicely camouflaged as high palms

Artwork in the Medina

If you like a very busy location – just go to the markets and Sukk. The inner-city ist full of it. You cannot miss it. Don’t worry if you get lost in this hundreds of small streets and alleys as well as oriental african lanes with many nervous folks, trying to get your money and making „friendship“ with you – Hey Mister, Madame, where are you from? How are you? Don‘ try to be smart, you can’t get away, you cannot hide, you cannot run… they are everywhere around you! Be careful all the time, you have constantly look around you, nonstop, otherwise you might end up in a hospital because of a Vespa motoroller or bicycle crash…

And go for a trip to the ocean – Casablanca!

4,000 kilometers of nothing but Blue

The new promenade on the sea got some waving modern and luxury apartment housings

The great mosque, directly located at the seaside, is the second biggest religious building after Mekka for muslims (opening in 1993 from King Hassan II with a volume for about 100,000 believer has displaced the old lighthouse in the north. The minarett is about 200 meters high) Quite impressive!

Marrakech Express! … this is the song from 1968 of Crosby Still Nash and Young