A Passion for Large-Scale Photographies!

Since I have seen the amazing pictures of the photographic pioneers like Ansel Adams and his Group f64 or the masterpieces of the German photographer Waldemar Titzenthaler I was strongly fascinated by the depth and sharpness of this large-scale optical performance. However, I am grateful to found my photographic instruments for my work to get these fantastic results and gives me the opportunity to improve my skills with every picture I take. And I am wondering myself: Its like I never did something else. 

A picture must have a soul! It is not only a matter of the technical execution or the photographical ability to capture the magical interaction of light, aperture and time – the picture should give the viewer a harmonical idea and give him the space of thinking and dreaming, of inspiration and fulfilment. On the other hand it can be exactly the intention of the photographer to worry the observer with his art or reportage photographies! I think all is just fine.

In my photographic „career“ I started with small cameras and a light equipment to have a higher mobility in my radius of travelling photography. In a way, I felt very comfortable and secure with my LEICA and NIKON. My permanent companions on many trips around the world. And the wonderful and exciting moments when you receive and see the negatives from the laboratory! Good feeling and happiness.

I love travel photography and I am lucky to see a lot of places. Influenced by many popular photographer, just like Elliott Erwitt, Mary Ellen Mark and others I was always like a hunter for the „right“ motives, I wanted to find! Just like my b/w image with man and woman talking while he shows without knowing the hole in his shoe. Wonderful! The perfect moment to make a click, this scene won’t come twice. Typical tension for young photographers! Nowadays I think, it’s just a matter of luck to get the scene you are watching for. Nevertheless you really have to be patient so much! Reportage Photography is like Observation and Waiting all the time.

Finally, I got more relaxed in this matter. Thanks God!

In the last years I switched a little bit from the reportage and portrait photography to the landscape and architectual photography. So I started to work with medium and large-scale systems. The point is, that I can put much more attention on my focus and give a higher dose of concentration on my main themes, which I found over the years. And I don’t have to be so hectical and nervous. All of my pictures are made on KODAK Portra 160 colour negative material. However, photography has to make fun for the composer, should entertain the audience and produce a good connection! An art professor: „Make friends with your camera!“ And he is so right with this wisdom.

I hope you will enjoy my pictures and my work. Please do not hesitate asking me about my pics or to give me your comments and your opion. I thank you for your attention and I would be glad, if you recommend me to your friends and partners.

Would you like to have my large-scale photographies prints for your galery or showroom? Or you have any other ideas for using & publishing my pictures?
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Mail: info(at)stefan-neubauer.com
Mobile: +49 171 175 70 29

Main Projects:

#1 Bowling Areas

#2 Aeroplanes Details

#3 Russian Murals

#4 Automats for Children

#5 Funfair

Main Equipment:

Linhof Super Technika V

Schneider Kreuznach Lenses

Linhof Technorama III 617s

Schneider Kreuznach Lenses

Rolleiflex G 80mm 2,8

Leica M6

Leica Lenses









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