Todays Topic

„Can a moral man maintain his moral code in an unmoral world?“ This is the question of the day! Smart answers and conclusions are requested until May 31st, 20 hundred pm.

Change the scene: Can a moral man maintain his moral code at his first date? A young woman and man are about to say Good bye in the evening. It is going to be a dangerous trip for the man. Small dialogue.
Woman: „Everything is arranged until you get to the border. You are not about to cross at your own.“
Woman: „If you find a save passage and return safely …“
Woman: „… and return safely you will get a reward!“
„What kind of reward?“
Woman: „Maybe the fullfillment of your dreams…making the desert bloom“
„That’s it?“
Woman: „Perhaps the eternal gratitude of your people and of a certain person in particular.“
“ Who?“
The young lady steps directly to him, positioning herself on his knees.
„Someone very close to you.“
„What kind of gratitude?“