Mission accomplished! This graphic work in complementary colors includes ten plates with 1.000 single faces taken from worldwideweb dating portals. Every picture tells an unknown story and gives a slight idea about the webuser and society member. Size: 1×1 meter each plate. The basic and letter colors can be changed, of course. Feel free for any demands or wishes. The perfect x-mas present for your beloved ones or: Turn your private property into a galery of fun and mystery.


I tried my best to find the smartest, the funniest and weird photographies for this exclusive collection.




#1SEX-3tt #2DRUGS-3tt #3ROCK-3tt #4ROLL-3tt


#9LOVE-3tt #10PEACE-3tt


#5FUCK-3tt #6WORK-3tt #7CASH-3tt #8COW-3tt