Spooky Places, Ruins, Moonlit Abbeys and Graveyards

First of all, these atmospheric images are just a wonderful game and „come-togehter“ of light, shadows and contrasts. Sir Simon Marsden (1948-2012) was a british photographer who become quiet famous for his dramatic black and white pictures and stories about old castles and mansions. A real Ghosthunter! In the early Ninties he made a trip to Eastern Germany („Beyond the Wall“, one of his books) and I was deeply impressed by his work. Marsden’s work was exhibited widely in Britain and abroad, and he published a number of books. Further trips were to France, Italy and for me -most interesting- to Russia. His latest book „A World Apart“ shows these photographies from his travel to former Sovjet Union. The shown image above is the „palais“ and garden in Potsdam, Germany.




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