Cairo and Egypt

It is nearly 30 years ago, that I lived with my family in Cairo, Egypt. I was visiting the German School in the city and spend a lot of time with picturing the people, streets and scenes. It was a very exciting time for me. Complete new impressions and images in this land for me, but you get used to it. I learned some arabic in school, in street  and with egyptian friends, they helped me very much – we had a good time. It belongs very much to my childhood and I feel a strong connection to this country and people. In the last years I didn’t had the opportunity to visit the country, but I have plans for a nearby travel trip. So, these images are all made on a fantastic film, it is the KODAKCHOME 64, and with my old NIKON F3. I give you three portraits from three men, on the camel market and from the old and famous Ghezira Sporting Club in Zamalek.

During my stay in this city and country I traveled a lot with my family and friends, the nearby red sea, the desert, the South with Luxor and the Delta with Alexandria and the Mediterranean sea, the Sinai. Learning to take pictures was a big thing for me, beside all the fantastic moments with water sports at the seaside, learning scuba diving and surfing. Always a great pleasure sharing good and intensive moments with family and friends and find out the magic of this big and crowded city Cairo. I was exploring the city by walking for hours, by taxi and with our driver. By the way, I made my driving licence with 16 in Cairo. Always an adventure in this metropolis of the Near East. I think, this will never change.


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