The aeroplane museum in Cottbus

Germany has a great history of flying and aerospace. Several museums in Germany show flying instruments, aeroplanes and equipment in all sizes. Recently I visited a small but very interesting exhibition in the south of Berlin, Cottbus. The ground is located at an old NVA military site and airfield. They had several helicopter units and after reunionification 1990 the german federal police used it for their duties. Today the airport is closed. The museum is organised by some few very engaged guys who give a lot of private time in restoring the old machines and to keep the place tidy. You find some old military jets, Sukhoi, MIGs and a lot of fantastic helicopters in quiet good conditions. The atmosphere is very charming and you might have the possibility to „enter the cockpits“! So, go ahead and have fun. Do you already hear the blasting sounds of the highspeed engines and turbines?

I was lucky and met a former NVA jetpilot who visited the ground with his friends and comrads. He was so happy to see his machine and jumped into his former jet cockpit. „Just start and feel the power of acceleration – the magic of flying!“ Nearly 30 years of flying military jetmachines. An impressive career in the air.

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